How to stop a man from continuing cheating

Men cheat for diverse reasons, to them it is fun, like a game, a game where they intend proofing how smart they could be. And the bitter truth is, you can’t stop a man from cheating no matter how hard you try by checking up on him.

From this piece, gals will be able to learn how to get their partners stay faithful. Well, you hardly get or read stuffs like this from a “retired” chronic and smart cheat, who at some point was an unfaithful man to a devoted and faithful woman and yet had gross of women to make out with secretly!

This piece will leave you with the secrets of proactive and vengeful seduction and persuasion. While we dont recommend you stick to every recommendation from this piece, ensure you just try them out, as even if they fail, the man you are all out for still remains a cheat, but you got a chance.

  1. Confront him subtly
    It is important you let him know you are aware of his escapes of cheating on you. When he is aware that you are already privy and do not mind, he won’t last for a long time as a cheat. Most especially when he finds it so difficult to understand what you are cooking up in your mind. He might start thinking whether you are into the game also and the fear of the unknown will eventually make him pay more attention to you. But be sure that he doesn’t just think that you are either being weak or scared of opposing him. Make him understand that you don’t really care about what he is doing and his opinion about your indifference.
  2.  Now be weird
    At some point you are going to start thinking of doing things that should really not be part of any relationship. Youll start thinking about stalking him, going through his phone, checking if he is really at his friend’s house, and my personal favorite – going through his emails while he sleeps.Dont do it, just dont. What if you actually find something? Those people who tell you “Its better to know the truth” dont know that its not always. Some can handle it some cant. The only thing you need to ask yourself is: In the worst case scenario, would I really leave him? If the answer is ‘No’ them my dear just put the phone far from you, just stay blind. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  3. Fix the problem
    Having confirmed that he is a cheat and have dealt him a serious blow, now find out the major reason he is cheating on you. Are his feelings just insatiable or you always deny him of something that means the world to him. Could it be the kind of company he keeps or he has always been like that, probably you have always known him to be that kind of person but you have been trying to manage him, hoping you could change him one day. Could he have been a perpetual and unrepentant or uncommitted cheat. Whatever the case maybe, you have to find out why and ensure you put an end to everything that encouraged him or is encouraging this habit.


*This article does not mean t offend but to impart some knowledge to those less experienced. We are not professionals, we just give you answers from personal experiences and from the stories we hear and see.

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