How do i convince my wife to let me take a second wife

Sometimes, life just doesn’t seem to be fair. You give your hundred per cent to a relationship, your marriage to be more specific, do everything possible in your stride to make things work and completely change yourself for the other person, but still nothing changes. And soon, it dies a sad death.

Keep her in the loop

You can’t afford to break the news to her all of a sudden, else you will head for the rock

Start throwing little hints in here and there

You don’t really need to open up to her straightaway while trying to bring another wife into your house. Once dating has started between you and the other woman and you begin to feel this obviously is going to be more than a fling, you might need to leave some hints for your parents.

Introduce your to be wife to them as a wife first

Having stylishly left few hints here and there, now introduced her to them as a close friend who is only helping you when your wife is not available. Doing this will afford you the opportunity of getting to know how your parents will react when you eventually throw out the bomb. This will avail your parents opportunity to bond with her without pressure.

You never can tell they might just have been considering the same thing for you especially when your wife is not keeping up to her responsibilities or misbehaving.

Never force your decision on your wife

While preparing to pass the news of your decision across to your wife, ensure you don’t force your decision on her. Be ready to take a no as an answer, but you have to be patient. Never scream or impose as you will eventually still do what is your wish. Just know that it won’t be great to allow the issue get out of hand despite your wife is not in support your decision. So keep cool and handle the situation with maturity and wisdom

Get a family member to open up the news

Ensure you get someone you can trust among your family members; siblings, aunt or cousin, to help you convince her and calm her down in case things might get heated up

You have done it her way, now it is your turn

After you have tried to do it her way by presenting it in a calm and collected way, be patient for sometime before now stylishly impose your decision, get your new wife to start visiting your home first to get herself familiarized with your house and people. Be sure that as much as you are imposing your wish this time, avoid any form of clash of interest or confrontation

Get your kids to bond with her

Getting your news kids bond with your to-be wife is a perfect way to calm your first wife down, she might end up liking your new wife if she is able to bond well with her kids

Find out the cause of her apprehensiveness

Her top concern might be the thought of she and her children getting hurt or you might be taking a wrong decision. Or because of the experiences they have had in time past or they have seen before. And trust me, you can’t blame them at all on this, it is your duty to assure them and make them feel at home

Show them the positive changes

Let them understand the decision will make you happy, look good, relive your first wife of many house chores, stay motivated at workplace. Trust me, they might start wanting to like what is making you happy, especially when there have been signs of you being unhappy for a long time

Assure them you are in control

Let them understand you have been through a lot and you are not taking the decision blindly. Talk to your wife, kids and parents like a matured, prospective and independent adult while making them know this

Second chances could be wonderful. Many people have proved that to be right over the years. So, you have every right to experience a second have happily ever after too!


*This article does not meant offend but to impart some knowledge to those less experienced. We are not professionals, we just give you answers from personal experiences and from the stories we hear and see.

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